Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Level 1

The College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University held a 2 days Training for Level 1 PECS. The workshop started from the 21st and ended on the 2nd February’2019.

 PECS is a unique alternative/augmentative communication system developed in the USA in 1985 by Andy Bondy, PhD, and Lori Frost, MS, CCC-SLP. PECS was first implemented with pre-school students diagnosed with autism at the Delaware Autism Program. Since then, PECS has successfully been implemented worldwide with thousands of learners of all ages who have various cognitive, physical and communication challenges.

It was conducted by the International trainers from U.K, Ms. Christina Hornes  – Bsc Psychology and Special Education  & Louisse Maggs BSC. Speech Language Therapy.

PECS was one successful event and reminded us, participants, as clinicians and student clinicians, the importance of communication, whether verbal or  nonverbal. Undoubtedly, all participants have massively benefited from this training program and equally excited to implement on our patients with Impaired communication. Looking forward to arrange PEC’s training for Level 2 soon.

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TalkTools (Level 1 & Level 2 )

 The College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University held a 4 day Training on TalkTools Level  1 & 2. The trainings commenced on 16th February and ended on the 19th February.

Talktools  was the first in the professional development series for continuing professional development in the realm of Speech Language Pathology.  It was conducted by an International trainer Ms.Renee Roy Hill – Ms, CCC. SLP.

Talk Tools training program is designed to provide professional therapists a clear path of continuing education and training related to speech and feeing therapy. Each Level has its own uniue requirements, goals, and accomplishments.

Level 1 is the basic level that includes a 3 part treatment  plan for Oral placement therapy which was conducted from the 16-17th Feb  whereas  Level 2 is the Intermediate OPT Assessment and program plan development  continued from the 18-19th Feb’19.

Each day was designed to start at 8.45 am sharp followed with 2 Tea-breaks and a lunch break in between.  Hands on practice and material practice packs along with the manuals and Talk Tools original Books were provided to our participants.

The 4 day workshop was a great learning experience. The sessions gave a thorough insight and training of Oral Placement Therapy and we,  as TEAM ZCSLHS as well as all the participants are excited to execute their learning at their respected practices. This certification also informed us of various other programs available in the area of Speech and swallow therapy that would be very beneficial for us, if offered.

28th International Conference

Miss amina siddiqui was invited as a guest speaker to the conference. She presented a workshop for Speech Language Therapists, audiologists and otolaryngologists on “Functional Communication and Bilingualism in Children with HI.”
Attendees from Karachi included Miss mahnoor-part time lecturer and consultant at ziauddin university and Miss anam madhani -speech and language therapist and consultant from The Indus Hospital.

Evaluating Assessment Procedures for Bilingual Population in the Indian Sub-Continent

The ASHA (American Speech – Language & Hearing Association) is acclaimed internationally for its an annual convention in the US, where Speech language therapists and audiologists from all over the world present research studies and new advances being made in the profession.

Career Counselling Session

A career counselling session was conducted in Beacon house College Clifton campus,Miss Amina Siddiqui -Dean of the college of speech and language therapy ziauddin university was invited as the speaker of the session.

Farewell 2018

Ziauddin College of speech language and hearing sciences organized the farewell party for batch 8 that graduated in 2018.

Students of all the batches gathered together as we all bid farewell to the outgoing class. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The auditorium of ZU was festooned with dazzling lights.

The ceremony started with the welcome of graduating students, khadijah Fatimah and Abdullah sufi , students of batch 6 and 8 respectively, presented the welcome note and were the hosts of the night.

It was a fun filled event with the incredible skit performance, mimicry, farewell dinner and lots of giveaways. ZCSLHS also set up the photo shoot session with a photo booth and props for all the students.

In the end, students of batch 8 shared all their memories with their audience and each one of them was given a title by their juniors. The title characterized their personalities, behaviors and their work and was the highlight of the evening.

News from ZCSLHS

The Learning tree (TLT) invited Miss Amina Siddiqui, Associate professor and principal of college of speech language and hearing sciences ziauddin university on 6th Aug 2018,as a speaker at The for Learning Tree and Samrahi Montesorri.

Miss Amina Siddiqui addressed the parents and teachers of the children At TLT she elaborated on “language development in the early years”she also explained about the importance of early language stimulation and the factors that influence language development which includes the roles of parents,teachers and other caregivers.All the attendees  remained thoroughly engaged throughout the lectur was a good learning experience for all present.

Facilitation of Language in Autism using a Floortime approach

Workshop Day 1

The College of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University, arranged a three day workshop on the topic, “Facilitation of Language in Autism using a Floortime approach”. The workshop commenced on the 16th of July and ended on the 18th of July 2018. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Mehnaz Maqbool, a Speech and Language Pathologist currently practicing in USA.

The first day of the workshop was on the 16th of July i.e. a Monday. It was held at the auditorium of the Rehabilitation Sciences campus, Ziauddin University. Students and faculty of the College of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences as well as alumni and other professionals were also in attendance. The workshop started at 10:00 a.m and ended at 1:00 p.m with a lunch break at 12:00 p.m. Ms. Mehnaz ‘s lecture included an explanation of the term “Floortime”, the steps of implementation and who to implement it. The audience and others remained thoroughly engaged throughout the lecture and interacted with the speaker by asking questions. It was a good learning experience for all present.

Workshop day 2 - Practical day 1

17th July 2018 was the second day of the educational workshop carried out by CCC-SLP Ms. Mehnaz Maqbool. It was a five hour workshop where the attendees observed a hands-on demonstration of using the floortime approach for facilitation of language.

It consisted of three individual therapy sessions, approximately one and a half hour each. Each one was followed by a Q&A session. The attendees were able to gain an in-depth insight into how one can use the floortime approach with children of different temperaments and individual personalities.

Workshop day 3 - practical day 2

18th July 2018 marked the last day of this instructional workshop. The day was divided into three sessions and the layout was the same as day one.

The attendees observed three different patients, witnessing instantaneous effectiveness of this approach in some cases. The attendees also learned the importance of having a multidisciplinary approach to therapy. The instructor often effectively combines SLP techniques with some techniques used by Occupational Therapists to aid the process of language acquisition and multi sensory stimulation.

The arrangement of Video conferencing made by IT department of ZU between the CSLHS college and clinic Campuses. This facilitated observation of the floor time therapy sessions conducted at the clinic campus by Mehnaz; in the college classrooms for all enrolled in the workshop.


READ is a sole proprietorship, and conducts a diploma course for teaching children with learning difficulties and also provides remediation to children with learning difficulties on a one-to-one basis ZCSLHS is a non-profit institution, indulging in academic and clinical training of students, at the undergraduate level.


The Ziauddin College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, at Ziauddin University monitors and provides academic collaboration with READ, Karachi for their Diploma Course.

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