Report on the Specialised Medical Camp for Unique Children

“The womb is from the Earth, the mercy is from the Sky

Be kind to the people on Earth, God will be merciful on His throne.”

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, the third and final stage of the specialized medical camp for unique children ended successfully. 66 special children were registered in the camp. Each child had to go through the following:

  1. Paeds Neurologist (Dr. Raman Kumar, Dr. Sanam Banu, and their team)
  2. Dentist (Dr. Sana Mirza and her team)
  3. Psychologist (Dr. Sarah Jahangir and her team, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
  4. Speech Therapist, (Dr. Tehmina Tabish and her team. Dr.  Ziauddin Hospital)
  5. Eye Clinic (Salim Bardi and his team, Al Ibrahim Eye Hospital)
  6. Audiology Atifur Rahman and his team, Optical Palace)
  7. Physiotherapists, (Dr. Hamidullah and Dr. Bahadur. IHRI)
  8. General Physician, Dr. Nauman, Al Salama Hospital and Dr. Anees, Al Mustafa Hospital)
  9. Orthopaedic. Dr. Danish Siddiqui and Dr. Rajesh, Al Salama Hospital)
  10. Gynaecologist. (Dr. Shahnaz, Al-Mustafa Hospital)
  11. Lab Test, (Al-Mustafa Hospital)
  12. Epilepsy, Epilepsy Clinic. (Mr. Daniyal, Ms. Laila, Ms. Anisa Khan, Shafam)
  13. Medicine from Al-Mustafa Hospital, Khadim Insaniya, Ehsaas Insaniya. Zam Zam Medical, and Roche Pharma


In Management:

  1. From World Memon,
    1.  Clinical Psychologist, Ms. Tehmina Khadim
    2. Reporting Head, Raunq Islam’s team
    3. Management Head, Asif Qureshi
    4. Field Head, Nargis Raza
  2. Sophia and her team
  3. The sincere staff of Al-Salama Hospital
    1. Dr. Salman, Dr. Munir and their team
    2. Leader of Al-Salama, Mr. Bilal Saleem Qadri

Media Team:

  1. Farhan Asif and Farid Bilwani, Memon News

In connection with this camp, thanking the constant support of:

  1. Mr. Moin Ahmed, Al-Mustafa Hospital.
  2. Javed matiwala, Khadim e Insaniya
  3. Nasir Ashrafi, Ehsas e Insaniya
  4. Qasim Lawai, Raunaq Islam School Network
  5. Idris Salam Madni, Welfare
  6. Mr. Abdul Razzaq Pardesi
  7. Ms. Aafiya Wajahat, IHRI

Other than this, the registration of wheelchairs, hearing aids, botox, physiotherapy, cataract, lab test, etc was also done.

The success of this camp is due to the dedication and hard work of the above-mentioned teams. May Allah reward them all.

After preparing the report, an action plan will be decided for the treatment of the registered children. Donor support is required for the success of this project.


Shoaib Ghaziani

DIR 101: An introduction to DIR® and DIRFloortime®

Ziauddin college of speech language and hearing sciences in collaboration with ICDL, a US accreditation institute. Ms. Mahnaz, a DIR Expert trainer, MSCCCSLP, working in USA gave the introductory training to the participants.  It covered Developmental, Individual difference, Relationship-based (DIR) model, which is an established and recognized framework to understand a child’s development that was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. DIR explains a child’s developmental stages, individual differences, and the role emotion and relationships have in a child’s development. Ms. Mahnaz emphasized that the DIR model is applicable for all children and can be more effective approach for intervention for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Following objectives were covered in detail.

  1. Identify common features of autism and other challenges of relating and communicating
  2. Identify the key features of relationship-based approaches
  3. Describe the 6 Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities (FEDCs) in the DIR model and potential challenges that children face at each capacity
  4. Understand and describe the “I” in DIR – individual differences and how health, sensory processing, and regulatory challenges can impact a child’s development
  5. Describe key principles and basic strategies of Floortime
  6. Understand and articulate the role of relationship and family in the DIR model
  7. Understand and articulate the essential role of affect as it is related to the D, the I, and the R.

Participants will have to further attend 4 more courses to become DIR expert and after the first introductory session participants are enthusiastic to further continue the course done the lane and become expert.

College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences

College of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin University in collaboration with #ICDL is offering a two day #training for DIR FLOORTIME. #Floortime was created by child psychiatrists Stanley Greenspan, M.D. and Serena Wieder, PhD. It is based on the Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model (DIR). Dr. #Greenspan developed the DIR model as therapy for children with a variety of developmental delays and issues. #continueeducation #workshop #internationaltraining
To register yourself for an amazing learning experience click on the link

Aphasia awareness radio program by CSLHS

June is celebrated as Aphasia awareness month. Aphasia is a condition that affects your ability to communicate. It can affect your speech, as well as the way you write and understand both spoken and written language. Aphasia typically occurs suddenly after a stroke or a head injury. Aphasia is diagnosed by a speech and language therapist and the course of treatment is decided by throughly assessing the symptoms.

ZU FM 98.2 facilitated College of speech language and hearing sciences project of increasing awareness of Aphasia by hosting a show and calling Ms Amina Siddiqui ( Principle of college of speech language and hearing sciences) with a vast experience of working with Patients of aphasia and Mr Ali Punjani (senior speech and language therapist) has a great amount of experience working with adult population.

Both spoke about the importance of identifying aphasia as early as possible and a speech therapist should assess every patient that comes in hospital with a neurological condition. Types and symptoms of aphasia were discussed in detail as well as the causes of aphasia. It was also discussed how aphasia is different from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

RJ Humaira asked multiple of relevant questions and was well versed about the content.


Many of us take our ability to communicate for granted as most of us are born with it but the ability to speak, hear and be heard is much more vital to our everyday lives than most of us realize. For those who have difficulty communicating, everyday interactions can pose significant challenges. A communication disorder may prevent an individual from performing well at work, asking for help, hearing instructions at school.

Each year, internationally Speech and hearing month is celebrated worldwide, in the month of May raise public awareness about communication, speech and hearing disorders. College of speech language and hearing science, Ziauddin university highlights the importance of early detection and intervention in the treatment of communication disorders. We work in a multidisciplinary team and all treatment is provided under one roof.

For appointments feel free to contact us on 021-35862937-9 or visit us BC 06 Ground floor, Khyeban e Bedil, Clifton block 1, Karachi. Our speech therapy services are also provided at Ziauddin North campus. Also visit our website to view more details

Written by: Rabika Amanullah

Article- Parental training series Session 3- Early intervention of children with ASD

ZCSLHS has continued its parental training series and this month organized its third Parental training program which was held on 16th April’22 on the topic of early intervention of ASD disorder. Our esteemed speakers Ms. Asfia Naseem and Ms. Amna Bokhari shared their knowledge regarding how the teamwork is important in assessing a child with ASD and the major players of this team are the parents and their observation regarding the child. A multidisciplinary team comes in action which has psychologist, occupational therapist, Speech language therapist and at times neurologist. They all play a significant role in helping the child. The psychologist uses the DSM 5 to assess the child’s behavior and see if he/she meets the criteria of ASD. Two important criteria when assessing the child is his lack of social interaction and repetitive behavior which are the major red flags. The therapists also discussed what are the important assessments done by speech language therapist to suspect ASD and for giving out appropriate referrals.

Hear for life, listen with care seminar on 3rd March

World health organisation has designated 3rd March as World hearing day and is celebrated internationally. Every year WHO sets a theme for awareness for this year the theme is “hear for life, listen with care.

This day actually signifies the importance of listening and hearing and how our life will be dull without hearing. Music, talking to friends, everyday interaction and engaging in communication is possible and easy through hearing. If hearing is impacted the chances of person going in depression rises significantly as the person feels disconnected and fading in the environment, the sense of disengaging from the environment leads to detrimental mental health.

College of speech language and hearing sciences arranged a hybrid seminar for students and professionals to raise awareness and importance of hearing, preservation of hearing loss, red flags of hearing loss not only that but also teaching them about the modern-day management and care and maintenance of amplification devices. Our esteemed Principal Ms. Amina Siddiqui, Dr. Najam ul Haq, Ms. Samreen Zubair, Ms. Zoha Asif and Mr. Hafeez Punjani namely shared their knowledge about these topics.

In the seminar ENT surgeon Dr. Khalid Mahida highlighted the importance of doing otoscopy prior to hearing test and explained the results of otoscopy to know when to refer to an ENT.

Our Vice chancellor of Ziauddin University Mr. Irfan Hyder and Registrar of Ziauddin University Mr. Capt Waqar to show their support to the college and the cause by sharing their opinion.


Written by Rabika Amanullah

World hearing day awareness by Radio show at ZU FM 98.2

World health organisation has designated 3rd March as World hearing day and is celebrated internationally. Every year WHO sets a theme for awareness for this year the theme is “hear for life, listen with care.”
This day actually signifies the importance of listening and hearing and how our life will be dull without hearing. Music, talking to friends, everyday interaction and engaging in communication is possible and easy through hearing. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts that needs to be followed to ensure proper care of hearing. Proper testing and proper amplification is mandatory in order to ensure that hearing does not deteriorate with time.
ZU FM 98.2 facilitated College of speech-language and hearing science project of increasing awareness of hearing and it’s issues by hosting a show and calling Dr. Mubashir Ikram an amazing ENT surgeon and Head of the dept at the Ziauddin Hospital, Mr. Shahid Ali, hearing rehab specialist and Clinical Director at the college of speech language and hearing sciences and Ms. Rabika Amanullah, speech and language therapist who has good amount of experience working with pediatric hearing-impaired kids.
Show did not only highlight the importance of hearing but also the highlighted the
importance of the drugs side effects on hearing loss as well as general people using ear buds to clean their ears and how detrimental that is for their ears and hearing and how these airpods and noise pollution is detrimental for our hearing. Types of hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, otosclerosis and presbycusis were also further discussed in detail.
Rj Ms Humaira Sadaf and callers asked a lot of relevant questions.
If you want to hear the recording of the show click on this link:

Early intervention of language delay

College of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin university organized its first parental training session on the topic of Early intervention of language delay. Our lecturers and esteemed therapists Ms. Samreen Zubair and Ms. Mahnoor Arif conducted an interactive session highlighting the difference between language disorder and language delay, what are the red flags of language delay for parents to identify and start speech therapy as soon as possible. Also highlighting Covid and its effects on kids language.

Therapists also showed and told parents some activities that can be done with kids stimulating language. Parents gave a positive response of the event as they found it not only interactive but also cleared some of the confusions that they had.

College of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin university has decided to arrange these sessions by speech therapist to grow brain together with parents and guiding them the level best.  Parental training session will be conducted on every 3rd Saturday on different topics, For more information follow our page.


Written by- Rabika Amanullah

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