World disability day

A fundraiser event to highlight world disability month was organised on 22nd Dec’22 by College of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin University in collaboration with Speech and hearing association of Pakistan (SHAP) for underprivileged and low socioeconomic strata patients. It was a successful event. Many vendors participated in the event such as churrosity, frais cones, Substop to name a few. Our students also participated and put up their own stalls such as  bite sized khi and DQslime.

Teachers Training Session

Teachers training session was conducted by The College of Speech, Language and Hearing sciences on 8thNovember 2022 at The Aga Khan School. MS-SLP Batch-03 prepared an awareness session on speech language concerns that need to be observed and considered in pre-school years to facilitate early diagnosis and intervention. Teachers were encouraged to discuss cases and common challenges they face while working with a child who needs extra assistance. Management strategies were discussed that would help them to plan their academic activities accordingly. They were asked to counsel parents and make important referrals for the child if needed.

Free screening camp

Free screening camp was organized by The College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences at The Ashiyana Trust (senior citizens home) on 11th November 2022. Students of MS-SLP batch-03 actively participated in this program where they conducted speech, swallow and hearing screening of women (60+ years).

Ziauddin university celebrated Children’s Day

College of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin university celebrated Children’s Day at the Legacy academy of learning by doing free of cost screening of speech and language skills of toddlers and preschoolers ranging 1years to 5 years of age.

The speech and language screening allows a speech-language pathologist to observe the child’s language understanding and use, production of speech sounds, vocal and nasal quality, and social language skills. Early screening of speech and language helps in identifying red flags and helps in providing early intervention to kids.

Youth club session

Ziauddin college of speech language and hearing sciences in collaboration with youth club organized a session for all students and faculty of Ziauddin on the topic of be the best version of yourself. President of Youth club, Mr. Raja Zia ul Haq, came to give the talk. He gave multiple examples of not only himself of his journey but also examples of different Prophets and their journey and how a person can learn from such stories and waqia’s from Quran and try to improve herself/himself.

Awareness of Speech and Language Disorder – 10th Aug

College of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin university in collaboration with ZU FM 98.2 organized a radio show to create awareness about different speech and language disorder, the difference between speech and language as well as the assessment and treatment available for different types of speech and language disorder. Our both Speech therapist Ms. Fatima Yousuf and Ms. Rabika Amanullah shared their knowledge and their vast experience working with kids and adults with different speech and language disorder.

It was highlighted that all assessment tools available at the moment in Pakistan are actually standardized on US and UK population, but our college of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin university is in the working of making its own standardized tools for assessment for Pakistani community, in which our professors and students are playing a vital role.

A lot of calls and messages on social media platform were received asking us different questions related to speech and language disorders and the the course of action.

Ms Humaira Sadaf asked a lot of relevant questions to make the session more interactive.

Report on the Specialised Medical Camp for Unique Children

“The womb is from the Earth, the mercy is from the Sky

Be kind to the people on Earth, God will be merciful on His throne.”

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, the third and final stage of the specialized medical camp for unique children ended successfully. 66 special children were registered in the camp. Each child had to go through the following:

  1. Paeds Neurologist (Dr. Raman Kumar, Dr. Sanam Banu, and their team)
  2. Dentist (Dr. Sana Mirza and her team)
  3. Psychologist (Dr. Sarah Jahangir and her team, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital)
  4. Speech Therapist, (Dr. Tehmina Tabish and her team. Dr.  Ziauddin Hospital)
  5. Eye Clinic (Salim Bardi and his team, Al Ibrahim Eye Hospital)
  6. Audiology Atifur Rahman and his team, Optical Palace)
  7. Physiotherapists, (Dr. Hamidullah and Dr. Bahadur. IHRI)
  8. General Physician, Dr. Nauman, Al Salama Hospital and Dr. Anees, Al Mustafa Hospital)
  9. Orthopaedic. Dr. Danish Siddiqui and Dr. Rajesh, Al Salama Hospital)
  10. Gynaecologist. (Dr. Shahnaz, Al-Mustafa Hospital)
  11. Lab Test, (Al-Mustafa Hospital)
  12. Epilepsy, Epilepsy Clinic. (Mr. Daniyal, Ms. Laila, Ms. Anisa Khan, Shafam)
  13. Medicine from Al-Mustafa Hospital, Khadim Insaniya, Ehsaas Insaniya. Zam Zam Medical, and Roche Pharma


In Management:

  1. From World Memon,
    1.  Clinical Psychologist, Ms. Tehmina Khadim
    2. Reporting Head, Raunq Islam’s team
    3. Management Head, Asif Qureshi
    4. Field Head, Nargis Raza
  2. Sophia and her team
  3. The sincere staff of Al-Salama Hospital
    1. Dr. Salman, Dr. Munir and their team
    2. Leader of Al-Salama, Mr. Bilal Saleem Qadri

Media Team:

  1. Farhan Asif and Farid Bilwani, Memon News

In connection with this camp, thanking the constant support of:

  1. Mr. Moin Ahmed, Al-Mustafa Hospital.
  2. Javed matiwala, Khadim e Insaniya
  3. Nasir Ashrafi, Ehsas e Insaniya
  4. Qasim Lawai, Raunaq Islam School Network
  5. Idris Salam Madni, Welfare
  6. Mr. Abdul Razzaq Pardesi
  7. Ms. Aafiya Wajahat, IHRI

Other than this, the registration of wheelchairs, hearing aids, botox, physiotherapy, cataract, lab test, etc was also done.

The success of this camp is due to the dedication and hard work of the above-mentioned teams. May Allah reward them all.

After preparing the report, an action plan will be decided for the treatment of the registered children. Donor support is required for the success of this project.


Shoaib Ghaziani

DIR 101: An introduction to DIR® and DIRFloortime®

Ziauddin college of speech language and hearing sciences in collaboration with ICDL, a US accreditation institute. Ms. Mahnaz, a DIR Expert trainer, MSCCCSLP, working in USA gave the introductory training to the participants.  It covered Developmental, Individual difference, Relationship-based (DIR) model, which is an established and recognized framework to understand a child’s development that was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. DIR explains a child’s developmental stages, individual differences, and the role emotion and relationships have in a child’s development. Ms. Mahnaz emphasized that the DIR model is applicable for all children and can be more effective approach for intervention for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Following objectives were covered in detail.

  1. Identify common features of autism and other challenges of relating and communicating
  2. Identify the key features of relationship-based approaches
  3. Describe the 6 Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities (FEDCs) in the DIR model and potential challenges that children face at each capacity
  4. Understand and describe the “I” in DIR – individual differences and how health, sensory processing, and regulatory challenges can impact a child’s development
  5. Describe key principles and basic strategies of Floortime
  6. Understand and articulate the role of relationship and family in the DIR model
  7. Understand and articulate the essential role of affect as it is related to the D, the I, and the R.

Participants will have to further attend 4 more courses to become DIR expert and after the first introductory session participants are enthusiastic to further continue the course done the lane and become expert.

College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences

College of speech language and hearing sciences, Ziauddin University in collaboration with #ICDL is offering a two day #training for DIR FLOORTIME. #Floortime was created by child psychiatrists Stanley Greenspan, M.D. and Serena Wieder, PhD. It is based on the Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model (DIR). Dr. #Greenspan developed the DIR model as therapy for children with a variety of developmental delays and issues. #continueeducation #workshop #internationaltraining
To register yourself for an amazing learning experience click on the link
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