(ZCSLHS) organised a hands-on training workshop

Ziauddin College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences (ZCSLHS) organised a hands-on training workshop for Speech Language Therapists in Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) which aim to enhance the realm of our services across Pakistan.

FEES is an instrumental assessment and Gold Standard of assessment for swallow disorders or Dysphagia, by which the Speech Language therapist can view the laryngeal vestibule directly to ascertain any impairment in the laryngeal phase of swallowing.

The patients are made to eat and drink different consistencies of food as the procedure is being performed.

The five-day workshop was led by a team of SA Swallowing Services, which delivered training and clinical services using the FEES procedures. The workshop began on September 30 and ended on October 4.

Principal, Ziauddin College of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Amina Siddiqui, emphasized on the need to expand the training to the public sector.

The 40 students attending the training workshop introduced the facility in their respective hospitals including Dow University, Indus Hospital, Aga Khan and Ziauddin Hospital, Ms. Siddiqui told National Courier.

Stressing over the number of people suffering from swallowing difficulty, she flagged the need to train more students as the training can be extended to the public sector once more people are trained.

“They are at the start of the change of medicine”, co-founder SASS Prof. Dr. Michelle L. Skelley said, adding that this procedure will make it more convenient for the patients to have their swallowing difficulty assessed, given the replacement of heavy machinery with a portable system.

The training apprises the students with a technically feasible assessment, in case the patient is too sick to move, FEES eliminates the process of taking the patient down to Radiology.

Many locals from rural areas are unaware that speech and swallowing difficulty is an alarming situation, co-founder SASS Prof. Dr. John R. Ashford said, urging that the difficulties must be assessed at the earliest so it fixes the quality of life of those who are suffering.

These are highly technical skills that are not commonly taught in universities, another trainer Dr. Matthew G. Ward said. It provides special care and tests for the patient. Individuals fall to Dysphagia in case of having a stroke, accident, and tumors; or those who have Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s Disease, or Dementia.

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Bake Sale

On the 28th of March, College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University, hosted annual bake sale. This bake sale, like every year; was organised to raise funds for our under privileged clients. The kind of response the event got was overwhelming. Numerous students from other faculties came and purchased the goodies to support the cause and appreciated the initiative and hard work. The event enlightened the day and made it a little more scrumptious for everyone.
This year, College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences aimed not only to raise funds but to also spread awareness about World Down Syndrome Day. It was a very special occasion and a major success. All the goodies were gone within few hours only and the visitors left premises being well aware of Down Syndrome.
Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon at our very next fund raising escapade.

HNow Show Common Sense Shoot

Medical colleges are known for their steady academic schedule since ages. Students each day strive hard to accomplish the dreams they enter the college with. The life of a student, specifically of a medical college, is so occupied.

Looking at the hectic schedule students go through, administrative facilities always try to give them breaks worthwhile, and ZIAUDDIN COLLEGE OF REHABILITION SCIENCES did the same. On 27th of March 2019 a refreshing yet informative media project for the students was arranged by the team of ZCRS.

The academic breeze soon turned into a gust of electrifying energy. Lights, camera, and action were the words heard aloud. Students were seen cheering and waving off all the worries. Confidence and excitement was hitting the ground. Flashes and clicks were the trend of the day.

The program had many segments in which students were made to participate. From tongue rollers to common sense questions, the segments had it all. The best part was when the students were asked to share their experiences in the field and inspire different undergrads to join a similar calling. Along with entertainment a lot of knowledge was shared as well. The morals of the students were lifted even more when they were asked to acclaim their field, and each student at that moment was seen wearing the label of ZCRS with pride and honor. Before the wrap up of the event souvenirs were also distributed to the participants as a token of appreciation.

It was one fine in-college activity, appreciated and commend by the students of ZCRS.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Level 1

The College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University held a 2 days Training for Level 1 PECS. The workshop started from the 21st and ended on the 2nd February’2019.

 PECS is a unique alternative/augmentative communication system developed in the USA in 1985 by Andy Bondy, PhD, and Lori Frost, MS, CCC-SLP. PECS was first implemented with pre-school students diagnosed with autism at the Delaware Autism Program. Since then, PECS has successfully been implemented worldwide with thousands of learners of all ages who have various cognitive, physical and communication challenges.

It was conducted by the International trainers from U.K, Ms. Christina Hornes  – Bsc Psychology and Special Education  & Louisse Maggs BSC. Speech Language Therapy.

PECS was one successful event and reminded us, participants, as clinicians and student clinicians, the importance of communication, whether verbal or  nonverbal. Undoubtedly, all participants have massively benefited from this training program and equally excited to implement on our patients with Impaired communication. Looking forward to arrange PEC’s training for Level 2 soon.

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TalkTools (Level 1 & Level 2 )

 The College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University held a 4 day Training on TalkTools Level  1 & 2. The trainings commenced on 16th February and ended on the 19th February.

Talktools  was the first in the professional development series for continuing professional development in the realm of Speech Language Pathology.  It was conducted by an International trainer Ms.Renee Roy Hill – Ms, CCC. SLP.

Talk Tools training program is designed to provide professional therapists a clear path of continuing education and training related to speech and feeing therapy. Each Level has its own uniue requirements, goals, and accomplishments.

Level 1 is the basic level that includes a 3 part treatment  plan for Oral placement therapy which was conducted from the 16-17th Feb  whereas  Level 2 is the Intermediate OPT Assessment and program plan development  continued from the 18-19th Feb’19.

Each day was designed to start at 8.45 am sharp followed with 2 Tea-breaks and a lunch break in between.  Hands on practice and material practice packs along with the manuals and Talk Tools original Books were provided to our participants.

The 4 day workshop was a great learning experience. The sessions gave a thorough insight and training of Oral Placement Therapy and we,  as TEAM ZCSLHS as well as all the participants are excited to execute their learning at their respected practices. This certification also informed us of various other programs available in the area of Speech and swallow therapy that would be very beneficial for us, if offered.

28th International Conference

Miss amina siddiqui was invited as a guest speaker to the conference. She presented a workshop for Speech Language Therapists, audiologists and otolaryngologists on “Functional Communication and Bilingualism in Children with HI.”
Attendees from Karachi included Miss mahnoor-part time lecturer and consultant at ziauddin university and Miss anam madhani -speech and language therapist and consultant from The Indus Hospital.

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