HNow Show Common Sense Shoot

Medical colleges are known for their steady academic schedule since ages. Students each day strive hard to accomplish the dreams they enter the college with. The life of a student, specifically of a medical college, is so occupied.

Looking at the hectic schedule students go through, administrative facilities always try to give them breaks worthwhile, and ZIAUDDIN COLLEGE OF REHABILITION SCIENCES did the same. On 27th of March 2019 a refreshing yet informative media project for the students was arranged by the team of ZCRS.

The academic breeze soon turned into a gust of electrifying energy. Lights, camera, and action were the words heard aloud. Students were seen cheering and waving off all the worries. Confidence and excitement was hitting the ground. Flashes and clicks were the trend of the day.

The program had many segments in which students were made to participate. From tongue rollers to common sense questions, the segments had it all. The best part was when the students were asked to share their experiences in the field and inspire different undergrads to join a similar calling. Along with entertainment a lot of knowledge was shared as well. The morals of the students were lifted even more when they were asked to acclaim their field, and each student at that moment was seen wearing the label of ZCRS with pride and honor. Before the wrap up of the event souvenirs were also distributed to the participants as a token of appreciation.

It was one fine in-college activity, appreciated and commend by the students of ZCRS.

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