World hearing day awareness by Radio show at ZU FM 98.2

World health organisation has designated 3rd March as World hearing day and is celebrated internationally. Every year WHO sets a theme for awareness for this year the theme is “hear for life, listen with care.”
This day actually signifies the importance of listening and hearing and how our life will be dull without hearing. Music, talking to friends, everyday interaction and engaging in communication is possible and easy through hearing. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts that needs to be followed to ensure proper care of hearing. Proper testing and proper amplification is mandatory in order to ensure that hearing does not deteriorate with time.
ZU FM 98.2 facilitated College of speech-language and hearing science project of increasing awareness of hearing and it’s issues by hosting a show and calling Dr. Mubashir Ikram an amazing ENT surgeon and Head of the dept at the Ziauddin Hospital, Mr. Shahid Ali, hearing rehab specialist and Clinical Director at the college of speech language and hearing sciences and Ms. Rabika Amanullah, speech and language therapist who has good amount of experience working with pediatric hearing-impaired kids.
Show did not only highlight the importance of hearing but also the highlighted the
importance of the drugs side effects on hearing loss as well as general people using ear buds to clean their ears and how detrimental that is for their ears and hearing and how these airpods and noise pollution is detrimental for our hearing. Types of hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus, otosclerosis and presbycusis were also further discussed in detail.
Rj Ms Humaira Sadaf and callers asked a lot of relevant questions.
If you want to hear the recording of the show click on this link: