Message of Principal

Verbal communication skills exalt the essence of human existence, so much so that people having good speech are often considered more successful in life at large. What then becomes of those who are unable to expresses their thoughts, ideas and even needs verbally in an effective way? Centuries ago they would be banished socially and regarded as incapable. Methods of correcting the speech of such hapless individuals would be considered ‘strange’ in today’s day and age; such as holding marbles in one’s mouth when talking!!!

The last century saw a revolution in the realm of speech language pathology, with the understanding of ‘brain and language’ or neurolinguistics. The disorders of speech and language were segregated into two major dimensions of understanding and speaking, with their further classification on the basis of etiology, and clinical symptomatology. Another major development was made in the realm of feeding and swallowing disorders or dysphagia, in children and adults. The CSLHS boasts of being the only institute in the country that provides neuromuscular electrical stimulation for swallow disorders through Vital Stim.

The field of Audiology goes hand in hand with speech language pathology, hence the College of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences provides a dual degree in the two realms at the undergraduate level, with state of the art audiology clinic for evaluations and aural rehabilitation.

Thus begins the need of multidisciplinary teams working with patients, with the CSLHS housing professionals from the fields of psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy and audiology all under one roof, who work collaboratively to alleviate the communication disorders. The CSLHS also stands committed to early intervention of speech, language, voice, hearing and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

We endeavor to provide assessment and treatment to the entire spectrum of verbal communication disorders through all age groups of children and adults deserving our attention within Pakistan and beyond. Therefore we lay emphasis on clinical training of our students from the first year through to final year, along with their studies in the eight modules of speech pathology, language pathology, linguistics, biological and medical sciences, psychology, audiology, research methodology and clinical procedures. Graduation is followed by a year of clinical internship. Having a custom built campus catering to the realm of speech language therapy, we believe in imparting knowledge and skill to our students that is at par with any institution of our kind across the globe. Our commitment to excellence is manifest in our regular indulgence in continuing professional development, of our faculty. Our mission to establish evidence based practice, through research is a goal we endeavor to achieve through our faculty, consultants and students, engaging actively in research.

Ms. Amina Siddiqui
Ziauddin College of Speech Language & Hearing Science