The proverb “Its hard to beat a person who never gives up” personifies me. I was very fortunate to be amongst a group of wonderful people in the College of Language Speech & Hearing Sciences who I believe have been the best mentors a student could ever have, as they were instrumental in bringing out the best in me as a student and as a Speech language therapist . I came into this profession with a passion, to make a difference in a person’s life. Achieving my dream was a very challenging yet, thoroughly stimulating experience. My experince at Ziauddin has diversified my perspective towards life; The agnoy of unable to speak or swallow, yet, we take all these blessings forgranted. Seeing the patients in the speech language clinic, learn and enhance their communication skills and become contributing members of society has been a wonderfully satisfying experience. As I graduate I endeavour to be a source of pride for my peers, all my teachers, and most of all for my parents, with whom I have come thus far.



CSLHS has been a major learning platform for me in my life; from my mentors, my teachers, my friends down to the CSLHS clinic and the tiny toys and puzzles, whose use I never thought I would learn so scientifically. Being a new field and a new college, it brings its own set of challenges but being a part of it ends up making you an advocate for a positive change in society, and a change in how we view “being different” itself. One of the best things I like about this profession is that when people come to us, our line of approach is: “well, we already know there’s a problem, let’s talk about how we solve it instead”; and every time I manage, by the Help of Allah, to teach a child to say his first word, to listen and respond, to smile, or achieve as small a victory as teaching him to clap, I get to experience a new dimension of hope.